Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sharon Day Brings an Unparalleled Level of Brilliance to the Republican Party

Published 01/18/10

Florida has many great Republicans. The state boasts effective congressmen like Tom Rooney and legendary candidates like Lt. Col. Allen West. But the determination, enthusiasm and outright zeal of Sharon Day is surpassed by no one.

Sharon Day is unique amongst even Republican giants. She is someone who is not afraid to go into the most partisan Democrat districts to recruit new Republicans to the cause. She is both a source of inspiration and of sensible leadership, a combination that is shared by no more than a small handful anywhere in the nation. While many activists have passion and zeal and many leaders have charisma and persona, few can ever hope to combine brass knuckle passion with class. Sharon Day exudes both in abundance.

If every county in the State of Florida had three Sharon Days, the GOP would be winning this state 70-30 in the worst of electoral years. This is a lady who wraps her entire car for the GOP nominee in each presidential election. Last time, driving through Broward County, she was almost attacked three times. Did that make her give up? No. It only made her stronger.

You’d never guess how far she goes to support Republicans by meeting her. She handles herself with a rare grace, usually reserved for the far less energetic. But when she speaks, you know you’re dealing with someone who’s on fire. This rare mixture is Sharon Day and that’s what makes her perfect for a resurgent GOP.

Whoever is elected chairman of the Republican Party of Florida will need our undying loyalty and assistance. Make no mistake, it’s a thankless job that by its very nature involves working with candidates, policy wonks, activists and others to achieve results, the credit for which is largely given to anyone but the chairman. But supporting Sharon Day for the leadership of our party is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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