Friday, March 08, 2013

Excommunication of Insane "Rabbi" Herschel Schachter

The following was translated by Mishpat Tsedek.

It is a letter of excommunication against an insane rabbi by the name of Herschel Schachter who has called for assassinations, Heaven forbid, of many, including Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert and Binyamin Netanyahu. Schechter has disgraced Judaism, has interfered in marriages, in stark contradiction to Jewish Law, which values marriage above all else, and needs to be stopped.

FREE TRANSLATION Rabbinical Court Shar Hamishpot Monsey, Ny(845)425-9708 “


We have already in the past condemned the great miscarriage of justice perpetrated by Rabbi Avrohom Union (LA), Rabbi Nochum Sauer (LA) against Mr Meir Kin in regards to a past seiruv that was corruptively issued against him, despite his willingness to all along arbitrate his divorce matters in a Bais Din and has even deposited a kosher Get at a Bais Din in 2008. Despite the fact that Mrs Lonna Kin refuses to pick up the GET, they falsely state that Meir Kin is “chaining his wife” by not giving her a Get. Their past seiruv was issued against Halocho as per the Poskim. (See Bais Din transcript# 1025). They now decided to add more wickedness to their past wickedness by issuing a new false seiruv on the 11th of Tamuz 5770.

Only this time they combined their signatures with Rabbi Herschel Schachter (YU)from Ny who is known for his unethical halachic procedures and is likened to a “Harem Keeper”. Herschel Schachter does not conform his rulings in strict accordance to Torah principles, but rather panders to the “feminist causes” as he pleases. Herschel Schachter practices injustice in Halacha , by allowing a woman to do whatever Torah violations she so pleases in matters of divorce without any consequesnces, but at the same token will attack the man while standing up to his Halachic rights. Herschel Schachter's “reformed principles” has allowed the woman:
A) to seek out their husbands in the Civil Courts against Halocho;
B)Commit Mesira against Halocho and
C) Allow her to steal the husband's monies using the Non-Torah approach of the Civil Courts. When these approaches are used to steal a man's Halachic rights as well as coerce him against Halocho to issue a GET, invariably the woman remains an “Eishes Ish”(married woman).Such a Get that was extracted thru these forceful and anti -Torah means, will invalidate the Get, and any children born as a result of such a Get are rendered “Mamzeirim” (illegitimate Bastards). It has been quoted by the famous “Steipler Gaon” that if one sees a Rabbi always ruling in favor of women, one needs to suspect of “suspicious sexual behavior by that Rabbi.”

We therefore publicly proclaim against Herschel Schachter(NY), Avrohom Union (LA), Nochum Sauer(LA) that they are slanderes of the worst order and therefore have lost their share in the next world by Torah Principles guiding the Halochot of “Motzi Shem Ra Berabim”. (SEE hebrew version for all Halachic citations).

We also announce that Mr Meir Kin from California is innocent of all their false accusations and is completely Halachacally compliant in regards to matters of his Jewish Divorce . Any seiruv against him is null and void and should be regarded as mere chards of pottery. We ask for anyone who can influence the above wicked rabbis to repent and to stop causing Mamzeirim to be born as well as stop supporting people who arbitrate in the civil courts.

In conclusion, the Gemara Shabbos 139a ,states that tragedies befall us because of corrupted rabbis amongst us.

Signed: Avrohom Shmuel Yehuda Gestetner (chief judge )