Monday, March 29, 2010

Corey Poitier Blasts Joe Biden’s “Reckless” Foreign Overtures at Synagogue Meeting

In our profile of great conservative candidates in South Florida, I was privileged to hear Corey Poitier, a dynamic Republican running to replace Kendrick Meek. Poitier is the first conservative African-American to run in District 17 and is running on a platform to bring small business to the district, to repeal Obamacare and to ensure proper instruction in our schools.

This Sunday morning, Corey Poitier, the Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 17th District, addressed a gathering at the Chabad of Highland Lakes Community Center. The Chabad synagogue is a well known outreach center in North Miami-Dade. Poitier addressed the membership and their business network.

Poitier pulled no punches when speaking about the Obama administration’s reckless foreign policy. He stated that in the past week alone, Joe Biden not only placed unprecedented and unfair demands on Israel, but did so publicly and in a way that only emboldens terrorists.

“The Obama administration’s dealing with all of our allies has been as disastrous as it has been frightening,” said Poitier. “In 35 years, we have not seen a breakdown in US-Israel relations. Obama, Biden and Secretary Clinton’s disastrous leadership has made America vulnerable to terrorists by projecting a message of weakness couched as appeasement.”

Poitier pointed out that Israel was not the sole target of the Obama administration’s reckless dealings with our allies. “Across the board, where it comes to steadfast allies like Israel or long time alliances such as the one with Great Britain, the actions of this administration have been nothing short of shameful, and they need to stop.”

Corey Poitier is a teacher of history who has fought for years to teach a true and unbiased record of history in the public school system, fighting against what he has described as “institutional indoctrination and a false portrayal of historical reality.” Conservative teachers are especially needed. The “progressives” fought to take control of the nation’s schools, its media and its arts.

Fighting back demands no less and the first step is in the battleground of education, where we can win the hearts and minds of the future. All we have to do is juxtapose true conservatism with liberal doctrine and the side that is correct will be clear. But it takes conservative teachers to do that.

For more information on this great candidate, or to get involved in his campaign, visit his website at

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