Thursday, June 24, 2010

General McChrystal Vs. General Biden?

When the actions of the federal government directly affect the economic well being of Americans in every state, their quality of life or their national security, it is the job of local leaders to speak up and to propose sound solutions. This is especially true in the face of one of the most out of control administrations that our nation has ever seen, one that has jeopardized both our economy and America’s national security as no administration ever has before.

Yesterday’s actions were especially shocking. Barack Obama summarily dismissed a Four Star General and Commander of US Forces on what is now the central battlefield in the War on Terror. (I know, there is no “War on Terror.” Tell that to the terrorists.)

McChrystal was not dismissed because of any issue regarding his leadership. Indeed, all seem to agree that Gen. McChrysal was a fine commander. What Gen. McChrystal was fired for was (among other actions that only befit an intelligent military commander) his failure to listen to Joe Biden on military strategy.

Again, Barack Obama dismissed 4 Star General Stanley A. McChrystal, Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan, for not listening to Joe Biden on military strategy!

General McChrystal was chosen for his position because he speaks his mind, especially when it comes to winning and to taking care of his troops. And he was fired for speaking his mind when it comes to winning and to taking care of his troops.

In the course of 17 hapless months, the Obama administration has wreaked havoc on our currency by printing trillions of dollars in new currency, it has made America less safe by kowtowing to terrorists, and it has harmed our international standing by propping up leftist brutes like Honduras’ Ernesto Zelaya, after Zelaya’s own party removed him from office.

Simply put, we have left our economy in the hands of Obama, our military in the hands of Joe Biden, and our banking system in the hands of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. And at this point, something’s got to give.


Methods of dissent such as passing a resolution condemning the recklessness of the current administration would not only be appropriate. They are necessary. If the current United States Congress doesn’t see fit to pass such resolutions, then it is the job of state houses to fill the void in national leadership.

State legislators and local leaders must push for resolutions condemning the devastation of our economy, of our security and of our standing at the hands of the hapless Obama administration. And when one state legislature acts, five others will follow suit in a matter of days.

It’s time for Barack Obama to stop worrying about illegal aliens in Arizona and to start worrying about the American people who trusted him to keep them safe. Like many of you reading this, I saw through the smoke and mirrors before he was elected. But many didn’t. They elected him on the hope, change, and prayer that he would steward this country well. None other than Supreme Military Commander Joe Biden attested to his “good judgment” and many believed him. For that alone, he has a responsibility to keep them safe.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fairness for Sholom Rubashkin

In one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard, the son of a man of faith and of exceptional good deeds, relayed how his father was convicted in one of the most surreal cases of prosecutorial overkill, conducted after a media onslaught started by far left groups in the Midwest. The case of Sholom Rubashkin is indeed as shocking as it is outrageous, and hearing from an attorney involved in the case, as well as his son, was a grieving experience that should motivate all who care to action.

Five years ago, PETA, which had all but declared war on Biblically sanctioned meat slaughter (the slaughter of livestock in the manner prescribed in the Book of Leviticus), went on a rampage against Agri Foodprocessors, the nation’s largest Kosher slaughterhouse. The CEO, Sholom Rubashkin, had taken great pains to bring down the price of “kosher,” or Biblically sanctioned meat, so that more people could afford it with ease. Although his efforts were rewarded with tremendous success, he and his family continued to live extremely modestly, with the savings passed on to consumers.

Rubashkin was charged federally and by the State of Iowa with multiple immigration violations. In truth, evidence showed that tens of potential employees were turned away by Rubashkin and his company due to lack of papers. Most of the charges were thrown out, and Rubashkin was acquitted on all of the ones that weren’t.

Virtually simultaneously, prosecutors claimed that a line of credit with a bank was being obtained “fraudulently.” The bank knew the nature of the transactions, was always paid on time until the government shut down the plant over supposed immigration violations (of which Rubashkin was acquitted) and most of all, Rubashkin never profited directly from the line of credit. Yet this was the substance of their case against him.

It gets worse. There’s also an almost 90 year old law on the books whereby purchasers of cattle must pay for livestock within one day of the purchase agreement. This was some arcane Depression Era law that is unknown and never enforced. Rubashkin was tried and convicted for buying cattle and paying for them a few days later. It is the only known case since the statute’s writing where that statute has ever been prosecuted.

In short, what emerged is one of the most unfair cases of overkill that commenced after pressure from activist groups, groups that should have no place in the legal arena. In the meantime, a good man and his family are suffering beyond belief.

Rubashkin was a pillar of the community at large. He funded preschools, camps, food banks and more in Iowa for groups of all faiths and creeds. When workers couldn’t pay rent or needed surgery for their kids, he regularly helped them as few others would. That much was attested to by former day laborers who worked at his meat plant, as well as by numerous organizations and schools that he helped.

Sholom Rubashkin is a father of 10 children, including a son with autism. His older son related how Rubashkin would make sure to have dinner with his special needs child every day at 6pm without fail, followed by spending time conversing or playing with his son. Rubashkin would often have to go back to the office for many hours afterward, but he made sure to spend time with his child who needed him most every evening.

Six former United States Attorney Generals, ranging from Edwin Meese on the right to Janet Reno on the left, have signed a letter decrying the prosecution’s proposed sentencing guidelines. Former Solicitor General and United States Judge Kenneth Starr has also signed on to the letter.

I’m not sure exactly what to do, but I do know that silence is not an option, at least not a humane one. Friends and supporters of Sholom Rubashkin have started a website,, and I’d urge people to view the case in its entirety and get involved in whatever action alerts they send out.

Even as people gathered to help Rubashkin, his family used the gathering as an opportunity to help find a bone marrow donor for an unrelated child in need. These are good people and the sight was moving. They deserve each of our support.

Rubashkin’s son spoke of his father’s great faith and relayed numerous stories of how his father’s reason for living has always been to serve the Almighty and to help his fellow human beings. It would be a shame not to help a man like him when he’s faced such a clear and over the top injustice. Our involvement is crucial and there can be no greater deed than to help those who’ve been unfairly persecuted. I urge readers to speak out and act.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Flood Charlie Crist’s Lines on Abortion Bill

It is disheartening, dishonest and unethical when a politician claims to be one thing on a matter that is dear to the hearts of voters, and then acts in another way once given the opportunity to legislate.

Charlie Crist sloganized being a “pro-life Ronald Reagan conservative.” During the Gallagher-Crist debates, Charlie was openly snarky and condescending toward Gallagher, particularly on the latter’s firm pro-life stance.

What people on both sides of the important abortion debate agree on is that they don’t want to be lied to. A candidate who lies to them on such a matter of conscious will no doubt lie on economic or other matters without breaking a sweat.

I’m a firm pro-life candidate. I believe that as society began to forget the value of life, we also began to show disregard for the care given to seniors and even toward the treatment of the infirm. I believe that abortion as a contraceptive is appalling, at any stage of pregnancy, and is at the very least the callous destruction of a potential or developing life.

I recognize that this is a touchy issue. But I’ve also met women who are in their 60s who had abortion(s) in their 20s and who still regret that decision to this day.

I recognize that this separates me from other, some would term more “moderate,” candidates. But given the choice between being moderate or being sincere, I’d gladly chose the latter any time.

Back to Charlie.

In 2006, as a volunteer making phone calls for Clay Shaw, I was the most persistent caller when trying to win over undecideds and Republican voters who were leaning toward his opponent. The official calling script included a plug for Charlie Crist for Governor. My phone calls left that line out.

We need to look beyond the slogans and see where candidates align themselves on values issues. Social conservatives are invariably more reliable fiscal conservatives as a whole. We generally have a big picture in mind, and the judgment to be able to stand firm and oppose boondoggles such as the Sun Rail, among others.

The contrast between the words and the actions of Charlie Crist need to teach us a lesson when voting; that our votes cannot be taken for granted and that they must be spent on those who are consistent in their policies.

All that said, there is one phone call that I will make for Charlie. And that’s one to him. I urge you to do the same, today.

Charlie Crist was elected with the toil and sweat of many Republicans. While I wish that more had seen fit to use those long hours on Joe Negron or Clay Shaw, the two seats we lost that year, that is no excuse for Charlie not to be held accountable to those who worked to see him in office.

Charlie Crist must finish his term as governor by faithfully executing the duties with which he was entrusted. I understand that fulfilling one’s pledge to voters or at least living up to the letter of his empty rhetoric may be new concepts to Charlie, but we must insist that he does so nonetheless.

And so I urge you to call Charlie Crist and demand of him nothing more than to live up to the promises and pledges he made in order to attain the public office that he now enjoys.

Phone: (850) 488-7146 or (850)-488-4441
Fax: (850) 487-0801

Demand that Charlie sign into law the common sense bill passed by duly elected representatives who actually do take with some level of seriousness their pledges to the “people.”

Oh, and the next time someone tells you that he’s running to be the “People’s Governor” or the “People’s anything else,” with the full support of every lobby known to the state, just tell him where to stick it.

Sorry Charlie.