Wednesday, April 21, 2010

State Legislatures Must Censure Obama, While Standing With America and Its Allies

The Obama administration’s foreign policy is appalling, and it is now the duty of whoever stands for elective office to speak out about it. We as a state can initiate trade agreements with our allies. We can pass resolutions condemning a shameful administration that apologizes for American heroism while defaming its staunchest allies.

It is noteworthy that Barack Obama has not only alienated Israel, America’s most steadfast ally. When members of his own party saw fit to rid Honduras of Ernesto Zelaya, a communist bent on turning his country into a dictatorship, Obama and Hillary Clinton did all that they could to return him to power. Great Britain, too, was shamed by the Obama administration.

Simply put, a man who goes to Buckingham Palace and introduces himself to the Queen by handing her an I-pod is nothing short of reckless. But that, and the hostile return of the Churchill bust, marked this administration’s first overture to the United Kingdom. The end result of this lunacy is that Great Britain is now five times more prone to side with Western Europe in any international dispute and far less likely to assume its traditional mediating role in any such situation.

As a state representative candidate myself, I do not make the following pledge lightly. If there were another way around it, I would pursue any other avenue, but given the outrageous lengths that the Obama administration has gone to in appeasing and emboldening terrorists, given their reckless stewardship of the economy and the full scale attack on our dollar (as printing $15 trillion in one year is nothing short of a disaster in the making, as anyone with the most basic knowledge of history or of economics can tell you) and based on their usurping of unauthorized powers by way of a team of unelected czars, I do not believe that any other solution exists.

As such, I pledge that upon my election to the Florida House, I will introduce a bill of censure against President Barack H. Obama. While this should ideally be done by Congress, the states cannot fall asleep at the wheel or shirk our duty as parts of a greater America. Being a state representative is an awesome responsibility and one that demands us to stand up to this insanity.

My campaign has said unequivocally that America has nothing to apologize for. Likewise, Israel, a country that has taken more precautions to protect the lives of civilians on the other side and who has never started a single one of the wars that were brought upon it, also has nothing to apologize for.

Each time that Israel gave land, the terrorists were emboldened

Yes, Israel won an increased amount of land in 1967. But Israel did not start that battle. They won it after they were aggressively surrounded by enemies on all sides who were very openly set on Israel’s destruction.

If the battle in Israel was a battle between residents of Chicago and the citizens of Detroit; if one side never made an aggressive move while the other side had openly targeted women and children, may G-d protect all, the side who justice and decency was on would be clear to all. It is also noteworthy that every discussion of regional peace has been about nothing more than how much Israel would give versus how much its enemies would stop attacking it. And each time that Israel gave land, the terrorists were emboldened. Netanyahu is right when he says that promoting mutual business, not dangerous land concessions, is the only possible road for peace.

Yet the strange thing is that in Israel, both the right as well as much of the left have come to understand that the only way to stand up to terror is to, well, stand up to it. That’s why Netanyahu and Ehud Barak were able to form a coalition. The only one who doesn’t get it is Tzipi Livni, who, to her credit, is doing whatever she can to dispel the notion that all Jews are smart.

America cannot show weakness. Such an attitude invites contempt and emboldens our enemies. When Obama was elected, people turned to me at the local McCain party and asked, very concerned, “what about Israel?” I answered that we cannot take our eye off the ball and that weakness in the face of terror would only harm America, may G-d protect this land and our allies. Weakness in the face of terror invites terrorists here by signaling that their fight will be easier than anticipated. That is not a signal that any nation mindful of its self preservation should be sending.

The above must serve as an awakening. Many of us have friends who are staunchly Democrat. Yet they fail to understand what the Democratic Party has become. For much of our history, the Republican Party was the clear civil rights party. In the 1930s, an economic debate over how to end the depression split the parties, with both sides making compelling arguments as each proposed solutions that they saw best to revamp the economy. At that time, most Jews and most of the American people sided with FDR.

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly shown a lack of understanding of the nature of terror and Iran has no greater friend than Joe Biden

But let me make this clear. No matter what side you were on of the economic debate of the 1940s, one thing is certain. The tables have turned, the parties have flipped and the party of Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson and Daniel Patrick Moynihan has become the party of Diane Watson, Jimmy Carter and Louis Farrakhan.

Compassion is no longer a part of their agenda.

The problem with the Obama administration does not stop and end with Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly shown a lack of understanding of the nature of terror and Iran has no greater friend than Joe Biden. When you hear about “conservative Democrats in Congress” you need to ask what exactly is conservative or even slightly moderate about acquiescence to the lunacy of this administration.

In the eyes of the media, a moderate is a murderer with a smile on his face

You see, Democrats and the state media fail to realize that Mahmoud Abbas is anything but a moderate. He was a high ranking PLO member when the PLO, not Hamas as wrongly reported, made the suicide bombing Mickey Mouse. He’s never backed down from his calls to violence to fellow PLO members. Simply put, in the eyes of the media, a moderate is a murderer with a smile on his face.
You may ask how this ties into a state campaign, so let me make this clear.

Being a state representative is an awesome responsibility. Had local politicians and the equivalent of state representatives stood up in Chile in the late 1960s there would have been no radical government of Salvador Allende that terrorized the populace.

Had local politicians stood up in Venezuela in the early 1990s, there would have been no Hugo Chavez.

And had local leaders raised their voices in Cuba in the 1950s, the murder squads of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would have gone to Russia instead of wreaking havoc 90 miles off of our shores.

We need to be keenly aware that failed dogmas have been allowed to take hold on every continent of our globe because local leaders have failed to articulate their sound beliefs. I am aware of this and I pledge to do something about it.

We must also take measures at home to prevent the spread of terror. There’s a reason why radicals have recently been able to recruit supporters in record numbers.

Educational reform is key to our nation’s success. Spreading my lifeskills course is just one thing that needs to be done and that I will work on as we seek new methods to improve student motivation and to achieve success throughout the state.

Criminal justice reform, with shorter but harder labor sentences, is key to stopping first time and nonviolent offenders from becoming career criminals. Long sentences, aside from being wrong and useless, have allowed radical Islamists to recruit within the prison system. There is a better way that focuses on rehabilitation while allowing the corrections system to fill necessary labor contracts. As always, society benefits from simply doing the right thing.

I’m also the first candidate in the nation to make an issue of the simple fact that our shores are the frontline in the war on terror and that their proper surveillance should be priority number one.

This point is absolutely critical. Right now, anyone can take a ship from Saudi Arabia, or from anywhere else in the world, park 12 nautical miles off of our shores, load up a small yacht and we treat it as if that yacht had just come in from Chesapeake Bay. Am I hesitant to mention this? No – because this fact is well known to our enemies. The only question is, “What are we going to do about it?”

All this and more is what I pledge to accomplish for our state.

The Biblical traditions upon which this nation was founded tell us that G-d will eventually perfect the world. Indeed, over the past 25 years, we’ve seen many breakthroughs in medicine and technology and most of all, in human rights.

But during these last trying times each of us has a role to play to promote better government and to do our part to ensure a better society for all; one that values human rights, one that values age-old traditions and one that values people, families and community.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Edward Lynch in Florida 19, A Race That Will Reverberate Throughout the Nation

Edward Lynch allows Americans to take a stand against the insanity of the Obama administration and to send a message that will be heard louder than the victory of Massachusetts’ Scott Brown. With a special election being held in Florida this Tuesday, the stakes cannot be higher, and every American who cares needs to make it their business to elect Ed Lynch.

A vote for the Democrat is a rubber stamp of Obama’s sickening attack on seniors (otherwise known as “Obamacare”). It’s a rubber stamp of this administration’s shameless abandonment of this nation’s allies. Worst of all, it’s a rubber stamp of this administration’s treacherous abandonment of America’s own national security interests.

Edward Lynch is the perfect candidate at the right time. He’s been the first to denounce each and every one of Obama’s shameful (and at this point downright despicable) acts against the interests of this nation. He’s a true friend of seniors and a true friend of America’s allies, be they Honduras or be they Israel.

Obama can coddle every Marxist and every terrorist across the globe. If our country is to countermand the stupidity that emanates from the Oval Office then we must make it our business to elect people of principle, men and women who will stand up for what is right. And we can start doing so today, with the election of Edward Lynch.

A vote for the Democrats is a dangerous sign. Florida’s 19th district is made up heavily of seniors and of Jewish Americans. If seniors can vote in favor of the most anti-senior administration in this nation’s history, then they show that their votes are a given. And if any of my fellow Jews can vote Democrat after Obama’s ransacked America’s national security, canceled sales of arms to Israel and refused to approve a visa for any Israeli nuclear scientist, while at the same time reversing the ban on terrorist sympathizer Tariq Ramadan, then I don’t know what to say. I guess some Jews would have been ingenious enough to vote for Arafat too, if only he had promised them “hope and change.”

Here’s what I can tell you; A vote for the Democrats on Tuesday sends a message to the Obama administration that Jews, who should understand the terror threat more than anyone else – not to mention the horrific results of the unchecked actions of depraved lunatics, will stand by his side no matter what he does to harm America or to harm Israel. A vote for the Democrats on Tuesday also shows Obama that seniors can be taken for granted and so can their votes.

You may be a lifelong Democrat. To be sure, the Democratic Party has offered up its share of compelling candidates over the years. Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson embody what the Democratic Party used to be. But the insane cast of clowns now leading Washington, who have printed over 15 trillion dollars in the last year alone thereby endangering the American dollar in a way that would have been unthinkable ever before, need to be put in check.

This administration has projected weakness while openly coddling every known enemy of America throughout the world, has depleted our resources and is now seeking to impose energy taxes designed to bankrupt low income families or to leave them without air conditioning or heat. It’s time to stop caring about party and time to start caring for the future of the nation. If the Republican Party is the only one projecting sanity on any of these issues, then do what most Democrats would have done 40 years ago. Join it. Or at least vote for its candidates.

No matter where you are, if you care about the future of America, spend the next few days making sure that Democrats get the message loud and clear. The Daily Kos has already written that a victory in FL-19 would be more shocking than the victory of Scott Brown. The numbers are doable, if we all pull through. Visit or call 561-245-8295 to get involved. America demands nothing less and saving it is our priority.

Washington won’t change until we shock the system. A victory in Florida 19 is doable, as even the Democrats are now admitting, and real “change” requires nothing less.