Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gaddafi / Biden 2012

In 2003, Gaddafi agreed to cooperate with the President of the United States. So how nice it was of Barack Obama to return the favor and now agree so wholeheartedly with Gaddafi.

Obama’s moral relativism is at best shockingly and dangerously naïve. At worst, it’s something far more nefarious. But the problem is that this bankrupt philosophy has become a hallmark of liberalism and of today’s “Democratic” Party.

Moral relativism equates killers and mass murderers like Stalin with those who oppose such brutalities. It equates the burglar with the homeowner trying to defend his family and totalitarianism with those who patriotically resist it. The end result is one of cowardice in the face of evil and the development of a hazy world outlook where fact and fiction are mixed in a way that makes Alice’s Wonderland look sane, orderly and appealing. Indeed, such is the view of most Democrats.

So let’s make this clear. America, a nation that has fought against tyranny the world over has nothing to apologize for (other than for electing people like Obama). Sure, many things are far from perfect, but liberals never address real societal problems. They leave real leadership to conservative Republicans while they moan and groan and publicly defame their own nation on the international stage.

And while we’re at it, your attack on Israel was shameful as well, Mr. Obama. It’s reminiscent of how you treat allies like Great Britain. (Or did you think there was anything statesmanlike about unceremoniously turfing the Churchill bust in their Prime Minister’s face along with a package of DVDs that don’t work in the UK and then following up that class act by giving the Queen an iPod?) It smacks of how you treated Honduras after members of that nation’s ruling party saw fit to remove a thug who had usurped their constitution. All in all, your actions are shameful, they’re disgraceful and you should resign.

But to set the record straight after your outburst at the UN, let me say this much:

Just as America has nothing to apologize for, so too Israel, a country that has taken more precautions to protect the lives of civilians on the other side than any other and who has never started a single one of the wars that were brought upon it, has nothing to apologize for.

Yes, Israel won an increased amount of land in 1967. But Israel did not start that battle. They won it after they were aggressively surrounded by enemies on all sides who were very openly set on Israel’s destruction.

If the battle in Israel were a battle between Chicagoans and people from Detroit; if one side never made an aggressive move while the other side had openly targeted women and children, may G-d protect everyone, the side who justice and decency was on would be clear to all. It is also noteworthy that every discussion of regional peace has been about nothing more than how much Israel would give versus how much its enemies would stop attacking it should they receive something. And each time that Israel gave land, terrorists were emboldened. Netanyahu is right when he says that promoting mutual business, not dangerous land concessions, is the only possible road for peace in the Middle East.

Yet the strange thing is that in Israel, both the right as well as much of the left have come to understand that the only way to stand up to terror is to, well, stand up to it. That’s why Netanyahu and Ehud Barak were able to form a coalition. The only one who doesn’t get it is Tzipi Livni, who to her credit, is doing whatever she can to dispel the notion that all Jews are smart.

And who is harmed by Obama’s outbursts and insanely foolish worldview? America - because in today’s world, America cannot show weakness. Such an attitude invites contempt and emboldens our enemies.

The night that Obama was elected, people at the local McCain party turned to me and asked in a very concerned manner, “what about Israel?” I answered that Israel understands terror. Much of America does not and therefore I worry for its safety. We cannot take our eye off the ball and that weakness in the face of terror would only harm America, may G-d protect this land and our allies.

Let me be clear. While Obama and Biden may be the most naïve of fools ever to occupy our nation’s highest offices (with the possible exception of one peanut farmer who shall remain clueless), the American people know better and will demand a swift reaction against anyone who seeks to harm this nation. I’m just worried about the message that Obama is sending, not about our national resolve.

Obama and his gang have behaved like reckless school children with the US finances. No one with even a rudimentary understanding of history would have order the printing of a trillion US dollars, causing China, Russia and others to start a stampede against our currency. In foreign affairs Obama is seen as simply one of the group, not as the leader of the free world. His leadership is as shameful as his worldview is ridiculous and the sad fact is that his harmful outlook is shared by most of his party.

So what’s next for Democrats? A Gaddafi/Clinton ticket in 2012? Sounds like the next logical progression of a morally bankrupt and ideologically idiotic party. But then whatever would they do with Joe Biden? Not to worry. Perhaps Barney Frank needs a new congressional page.

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