Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Attending a House of Worship, Make Sure to do What the One Who We Worship Wants of Us

The following is a joint statement of two religious leaders who have become politically active and who have longstanding reputations of fighting for our moral values. Rev. O’Neal Dozier is the Founder and Reverend of The Worldwide Christian Center and Yomin Postelnik is a candidate for Florida State House District 91 and an ordained rabbi who runs the Jewish Learning Network and its array of Biblical and theological classes. The statement concerns the vital importance of choosing the right place of worship:

It is true that worship is one of the most fulfilling aspects of an individual’s life as well as an integral part of family living. But real worship must go beyond prayer and recognition. It must be a sincere desire to connect with our Creator.

On the simplest level, one wouldn’t greet a member of their favorite sports team and present them with the jersey of an opposing team. One would not go to the White House to ask a favor of a Democratic president and begin their supplication by telling the President what a great Republican they are, or vice versa. The same holds infinitely more true when giving supplication to the Almighty, to the King of Kings, who is all powerful and who can bring blessing, healing and salvation in every aspect of one’s life.

Worship, if it is to have true ramifications and if it is done sincerely, must have an effect on the lives of the worshipers. This is because worship is first and foremost a resolution to connect with the Almighty and to fulfill the will of God. This being the case, the need to pray with a congregation whose focus is on following the will of God, and thereby connecting with the Almighty, is the most important factor when choosing a congregation.

God’s will is not obscure. The Almighty put it in a book and made it crystal clear. Following God’s will is the right thing to do. It is a conduit for all blessings, it brings eternal life and it is relatively simple.

Today, we are confronted by two important battles: the struggle for our nation’s moral fortitude and the War on Terror. The two are connected, as God’s blessing brings peace and protection. Faced with these challenges, we as individuals must realize that we all play a role in this fight. We must also realize that where we worship is of primary importance for us to derive the strength and inspiration needed to meet these challenges.

There are far too many who have falsely claimed the mantle of modernity for views that are in fact as old as the societies that were destroyed by their proliferation. Ancient Rome, Greece and many others fell after hedonism became rampant and brought apathy in its tracks. At face value, moral uncertainty is a coward’s choice, as the sanity of time tested values is obvious even to a young child. It is indeed these values that have allowed societies to grow and to flourish since the dawn of man.

Unfortunately, many promoters of the hedonist lifestyle that history so thoroughly discredits seek to do so in the name of religion. They set up houses of worship in which the Word of God is questioned, if not totally shoved to the side. If they found some other and more honest outlet for their agenda, that would be at least more honest and more deserving of respect. Using God and the Bible to go against God and against the Bible is neither truthful nor admirable. More importantly, it should not receive the support of anyone who wishes to pay their respects to the Lord.

When choosing a house of worship, we urge you to do that which is, in truth, so obvious that it seems strange to give it mention; to choose a house of worship, a church or a synagogue that stands with God and the Bible on the seminal issues of the day: the struggle for morality and the War on Terror. It is indeed obvious that such a course must be followed by all who wish to serve God, as we can only serve the Creator as the Almighty has so clearly set forth. But given the promulgation of false notions and the number of institutions that believe that one can serve God while actively promoting agendas that fly in the face of everything the Bible stands for, this “obvious” statement about where to worship becomes one that is absolutely necessary.

If a pastor or a rabbi tells you that God’s word, as so clearly expressed in the Bible, is irrelevant, ask them two simple questions. Ask them if they are blind to the lessons of history. Then follow that by asking why they’ve chosen a profession that has as its central goal the spreading of God’s word when they stand in opposition to the clear Word of God. Then find yourself a new spiritual advisor, one who will give you strength to serve God as the Almighty so clearly laid out.

There are many churches and synagogues that stand at the forefront of the struggle for family values and for a moral way of life. Christians may well want to join churches similar to Rev. O’Neal Dozier’s Worldwide Christian Center, whose website is www.twwcc.org. Having fought for moral values for decades, Rev. Dozier also leads the fight against the spread of radical Islam in Pompano Beach.

Jewish people have an array of synagogues to go to where moral values are fought for, including Chabad Houses, which stand at the forefront of the Jewish return to values and who offer classes on the Oneness of God to Jew and Non-Jew alike. Yomin Postelnik runs the Jewish Learning Network where classes are given on God’s message. Postelnik has written about how hedonism leads to apathy and on the difference between authentic Kabbalah of two thousand years ago and the shameful star-studded mess that falsely claims Kabbalah as its mantle and that in reality has nothing to do with Kabbalah or with God. He offers Bible classes, discussions and a weekly newsletter. He is also running for the Florida House of Representatives on a platform of family values, security and education at www.abetterflorida.com.

Pastor Dozier and the Worldwide Christian Center may be reached at (number) or pastordozier@twwcc.org. The Jewish Learning Network may be reached at (954) 701-7167 or jewishdiscovery@gmail.com.

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