Thursday, May 07, 2009

Te Andre Gomion Announces Mayoral Run, Seeks to Change City

North Lauderdale, FL – It’s not every day that we see young people taking a stand to better the quality of life in their city. When they do, it’s often their first foray into the political arena and their platform often lacks specifics. This rare mix of youth and experience is what makes Te Andre Gomion’s run for Mayor of North Lauderdale truly unique.

Most importantly, Te Andre Gomion knows why he’s running. Gomion is clear about his position that it will take someone like him to reach out to young people and curb the growing crime rate that has plagued the city. “Right now there is no dialogue between police officers and our youth. There needs to be a coming together. As someone who was their age only a few years ago, I can and will reach out to them and make this happen,” said Gomion on the issue.

Gomion also wants to beautify the city and help small business flourish. “Simply put, if we take pride in our streets, if we fix our roads, preserve our parks and make North Lauderdale a home, kids will feel at home in the community. If we continue to let our city decay, we cannot hope to inspire youth. Our city needs a revamp both inside and out. The way one’s neighborhood looks really does affect how one feels about life and whether or not youth are inspired to succeed.”

Gomion also seeks to build small business within the city. He cites the work of neighboring Lauderdale Lakes and their Economic Development office in training local business owners to succeed, especially their program that awards the most hard working with free business consultation. “The program has done wonders for local, family owned businesses there and I’d like to see the same kind of program introduced to North Lauderdale. It’s crucial for the success of family business and will provide the city with the revenue we need to reform,” said Gomion.

Gomion may be on the young side, but he is experienced. At twenty years old, Gomion serves as ROTC Liaison to the Commander and has taken a leading role in the SHAPE Program and in Young Diplomats of Broward County.

Public service and a keen knack for civic affairs comes easily to Gomion, who has been active in local politics since he was only thirteen. He has also managed several political campaigns in his district and has done previous work at the Broward Supervisor of Elections office starting in 2006, the same year that he entered ROTC. He has a close relationship with Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, who he considers to be a personal mentor. Additionally, Gomion is the recipient of numerous awards, both from the ROTC as well as scholastically and even holds an In Pursuit of Excellence Award from the Supervisor of Elections Office.

Gomion’s run has attracted several endorsements. Broward businessman and former Professor Charles O’Brady said, “I’ve known Te Andre for a long time. He’s dedicated, ethical and will get the job done well. It’s hard to think of someone who will be a greater credit to his city.” The political strategy firm IRPW, which usually deals with federal candidates, was asked and has agreed to offer its strategic services to the campaign. The company’s president, Yomin Postelnik, said “here’s one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable young Americans seeking to make a real difference in his community. Gomion can bring needed reform to his city while also reaching out to youth in an effective and very meaningful way. We need more people like him in civic office. I know Te Andre. He can and will accomplish more than anyone else in that office.”

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