Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sheridan Folger – the Best Example of a Conservative Activist

Last week some insane blog attacked Sheridan Folger for a comment that someone else posted on one of his websites. I’d like to use this opportunity to do something that should have been done sooner, to write about the true work of Sheridan Folger. While I won’t mention the offending blog by name (so as not to give further voice to their insanity), I do hope that someone links this post to their comment section.

Sheridan Folger is a true conservative and one who works tirelessly for the cause. He is a strategic activist and one of the smartest and most on message that conservatives have. Whether his activities involve mobilizing activists, motivating others to do the same or simply reaching out to the undecided, Folger goes above and beyond. His record of success and that of Brad Marston, his co-director of Conservative Solutions, attest to this.

Folger embodies Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of judging by the content of one’s character. Folger and Conservative Solutions have taken the lead in endorsing minority GOP candidates who are true voices of conservatism. When war hero Allen West was abandoned by the national committees, the RNC and the NRCC both having been more interested in a game of pure defense at the time, it was Sheridan Folger and Brad Marston who brought prominence to that race and to others as well.

The GOP needs to be careful not to eat its own. And people who don’t know the difference between someone’s own comments and those of a poster on one of their websites have no business commenting in the first place.

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ConservativeInATLANTA said...

I've done events with Sheridan in the past. I've always found him to be honest, dedicated and a true conservative. Whatever some stupid blog said about Sheridan is just evidence that some leftist somewhere feels threatened by Sheridan.

They've lied about Sarah Palin, Joe-the-Plumber, and Rush Limbaugh all in an attempt to ruin their reputations, I guess they're trying to use the same tactic on Sheridan.