Friday, November 07, 2008

Baby Hugo Doll

A number of crazed Obama fans in Miami are still selling Obama t-shirts and apparently they're running out of them as frenzied supporters purchase them by the dozens. A friend of mine, a strong Democrat for McCain, keeps getting messages to buy all kinds of Obama junk and is almost apoplectic at how mass hysteria has kicked in. He forwarded the ads and asked what's next.

Here’s my response. The sad thing is this is no laughing matter.

And new, from the Obama Store, we present to you:

Baby Hugo

Baby Hugo cries and wets his pants whenever the Chinese Communists aren't around. Pull the string and cuddly Baby Hugo says "Me Love Ahmadinejad."

And now there's change. So the Obama Store presents:

Baby Hugo 2.0

Baby Hugo 2.0 is older, wiser and comes with a little Baby Book called “new US policy” that doubles as a hand puppet. Baby Hugo no longer wets his pants and is in fact quite happy. Watch Baby Hugo brandish a knife and kill off his other Baby Neighbors. When Baby Hugo 2.0 wets his pants now, it’s with oil, but Baby Hugo no longer gives fake discounts to Northeastern Americans in the winter.

Buy the Baby Hugo 2.0 dolls at the Obama store now. Buy today, before the US dollar starts trading on par with the Russian ruble. Speaking of which, here comes Baby Vladimir 5.0.

New, from Mattel. Brought to you by the hapless Republican PR machine and millions of American Idol voters who actually made it to the polls after losing the number to text message in their vote for "Obama."

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