Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain Surpasses Obama on Intrade

We're not promoting gambling here and often people lose their shirts doing so, but as a gage of electoral sentiment, John McCain to be President has surpassed Barack Obama among betters on the online Intrade for the first time today.

The current bid/ask on John McCain is 49.9 to 50.0 compared with 49.2 to 49.3 for Obama.

Conversations With the Far Left (Who Calls Himself a "Secular Centrist")

I presented a very liberal man who I know well with this YouTube video that someone else sent me. It is very sad and telling, but makes a profound point.

As the person who originally sent it to me said, it is well worth the two minutes it takes to watch.

Well, the far left friend who I passed it on to sent back two choice emails about the wounded soldier depicted in the video. Here's the first one:

You are really regressing mentally.To listen to this brain washed clone talk this non sensible dribble and to think it of any significance-is truly sad!!!!!!!

That was not enough and he saw the need to immediately follow up with another choice gem, sent four minutes later:

One would think that they would be listening to Plato,Socrates,or Aristotle by your silly and sad introduction of this brainwashed well meaning retard!

Now it's obvious that the wounded soldier, succinctly and tactfully espousing beliefs that are contrary to those of my friend on the left (who, incidentally, would take objection to being categorized as "leftist," preferring instead the designation of "secular centrist") touched a nerve. Moreover, it made him question his hitherto allegiance to a baseless world view. But instead of pondering or reexamining his opinion, or even countering those parts he disagrees with, he reflexively launched into a defensive tirade. This shows how devoid of logic so many of these people are (no offense meant to the more intelligent and thoughtful leftists who simply disagree on policy, and who can articulate same).

Well, here's my response to this guy. I'm sure we've all had similar situations and hopefully this will be useful to some:

I'm always touched by the reverence that the left shows to our wounded veterans. Even though he is, in your eyes, a "brainwashed retard," you are careful to point out that he is well meaning nonetheless. This is truly touching and should be displayed as a prime example of the openmindedness of the left wing.

While I fail to understand how someone who articulates sensible military strategy against enemies sworn to destruction at any cost is a "brainwashed retard," I must recognize that this is due to my own feeble faculties, me believing that action against terrorists is needed. I recognize this to be one of my shortcomings and hope for my salvation.

And let us say ah-med, I mean ah-men.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Humorous Response to Patti Davis' Newsweek Piece

Patti Davis just put out a piece in which she begs Hillary to come out and speak on behalf of Obama and against Sarah Palin. The truth is that Hillary's done far more than any runner up has for their adversary and Obama is undeserving of same. He didn't even fulfill his promise to help her recoup some of her debt.

Patti's piece is not worthy of linking to. It's sobbing and desperate and she should leave Hillary alone. But I was thinking, if Newsweek prints that bunk, maybe they'll print this.

Here’s my audition for Newsweak (sic). I’m sure this will be their cover story.

Dear Bill,

We haven’t heard from you since your great convention speech in which you felt forced to back Obama. But Bill, we need you. You should be running for a third term (after getting the 22nd Amendment repealed by the NJ Supreme Court and somehow getting SCOTUS to stay out of the mix).

You see Bill, things were so much better under you.

Bill, my 1995 Grand Marquis was so much newer at the time. Then Bush came into office and 8 years later it’s near clunker status.

Bill, my loved ones, my dear not yet old mommy has more gray hair now. She was younger looking in 1992, when you were elected.

Bill, my neighbor has a wart on his big left toe. This happened under the Bush Administration, or the Bush/Rove/Blair/Musharraf/Queen Elizabeth el Segundo (the Second) axis. Bill, his feet were fine when you were at the helm.

My other neighbor’s dog has a urinary tract infection. He was a healthy little puppy when you were president.

Simply put, those around me, my neighbor’s toe and my other neighbor’s dog were so much better off under you. And they are joined by warted feet and troubled old pups across the nation.

I thought only John Kerry had the answers, when he all but promised that the dead would rise again if only he were elected. But now I know the truth. It’s you Bill, it’s you.

PS If you announce tomorrow, I can get Obama’s Greek Temple on back order. Soon to be VP Sarah Palin put that on ebay too.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wow! What a speech!

Well, suffice it to say, Sarah Palin just did to Barack Obama what Jesse Jackson said he wanted to do (don’t be surprised if the “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message” line is a little high pitched in upcoming commercials).

Hope everyone noticed how ABC cut into shots of the teleprompter twice, something that is never done. But even they saw how impressive she was.

Folks, John McCain just won the election tonight.