Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary's Speech and HRC's Future as a Democratic Party Leader

Two things from the Hillary speech:

1) Obviously they went with the wrong candidate

2) There were many parts that were over the top (the trashing of the only workable social security fix, etc.) but all were normal in the context of a political convention. All except for one. When she started on the gay “rights” (as if there’s some kind of oppression) line she hurt a speech that was being very well received by people on all sides and reidentified the Dems with the radical left. Ted Kennedy did that as well. If she wants to actually win an election in 4 years (when she’ll be their nominee) she’d be well advised to go away from the left winged social issues and concentrate on the economy. We disagree with her and that whole party on economic matters too, but it would be good for the country if they stop with their leftist indoctrination that ruins their chances while poisoning our youth.

I am both an economic and a social conservative. I do not welcome Democratic Party big government policies and find them to be, at best, well meaning but misguided, with harmful repercussions to those who they seek to help. At the same time, issues need to be dealt with and both parties could work together better if both could agree to leave the social issues to the states. Michael Lind wrote a very thoughtful piece. While I don't agree that this is a route to pursue, his piece is well thought out and should at least serve Hillary and other party leaders as a guide to moderating, or going away from, forced/dictated social liberalism.

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