Friday, August 29, 2008

VP to be Palin's Speech Determined and Better With Every Line

The speech got better and better with every line. McCain made the clear right choice. Her best line was the rebuttal to Bill Clinton's "thanks, but no thanks" line as she spoke of how her government "said thanks, but no thanks, to the bridge to nowhere." "If we want a bridge we'll build it ourselves" was also good and shows her muster.

Palin is just getting started. She was better and better with every line. The convention will be a zinger.

Apparently the media are going crazy trying to spin this, in some ways quite shamefully. They should jump on board for once for the sake of the country. It would earn them some respectability. If they fail to do so they may all but ensure their irrelevancy.

Palin Pick Excellent, Strategy Superb

John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for Vice President is as good as they come. Not only is she immensely qualified, she resonates well with the public. On a more superficial level, but important for vote getting, it makes the McCain, now the McCain-Palin, ticket a historic one.

Gov. Palin was mentioned all along, yet with the help of the campaign's well oiled media machine, the previously hushed pick seems surprising. It can also have long term reverberations for the GOP's expansion efforts. Palin is a mother of 5 with a very special baby who has Downs Syndrome. Her husband Todd is known for his athletic accomplishments and working class routes.

The way that Team McCain went about announcing the selection was superb. The timing was perfect and gives campaigners a lesson in how to do this. Unlike the Obama camp, Team McCain made sure that no leak was made and the announcement erased the coverage of Obama's misleading acceptance speech. Announcing the surprising and exciting pick the morning after his opponent's main speech was a fantastic move, to say the least.

With his funny TV ads, lively personality and great campaign skills, the GOP's selection of McCain as nominee has proven to be a good one. Of course, we knew this from his heroic personal record, his committed conservatism on social issues and his 20 plus year commitment to reigning in spending, something that is needed and that he fought his own party on to advance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary's Speech and HRC's Future as a Democratic Party Leader

Two things from the Hillary speech:

1) Obviously they went with the wrong candidate

2) There were many parts that were over the top (the trashing of the only workable social security fix, etc.) but all were normal in the context of a political convention. All except for one. When she started on the gay “rights” (as if there’s some kind of oppression) line she hurt a speech that was being very well received by people on all sides and reidentified the Dems with the radical left. Ted Kennedy did that as well. If she wants to actually win an election in 4 years (when she’ll be their nominee) she’d be well advised to go away from the left winged social issues and concentrate on the economy. We disagree with her and that whole party on economic matters too, but it would be good for the country if they stop with their leftist indoctrination that ruins their chances while poisoning our youth.

I am both an economic and a social conservative. I do not welcome Democratic Party big government policies and find them to be, at best, well meaning but misguided, with harmful repercussions to those who they seek to help. At the same time, issues need to be dealt with and both parties could work together better if both could agree to leave the social issues to the states. Michael Lind wrote a very thoughtful piece. While I don't agree that this is a route to pursue, his piece is well thought out and should at least serve Hillary and other party leaders as a guide to moderating, or going away from, forced/dictated social liberalism.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts on Biden

The Biden pick is very good news for our side. Again, someone’s own arrogance (Barack’s) has tripped himself up.

The McCain campaign is already running an ad showing what Biden said about Obama in the primaries and, conversely, what he’s said about John McCain. This will be very effective unless our side were to make the mistake of also picking someone who was visibly/forcefully against John McCain in the primaries, in which case the media would only highlight that, leaving out that Biden had done the same. Our side also can’t afford to blow this opportunity by selecting someone who could hurt us with crossovers.

See also NRO’s The Corner

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCain’s Most Effective VP Selection, Ones Not Talked About and What to Do With the Best of Those Who Are

There are several candidates who can add momentum and broad appeal to the McCain campaign. It’s crucial that they be explored in selecting a vice president. The McCain campaign needs to build national momentum, a key element in any presidential race, and one crucial momentum building moment is that of the vice presidential selection.

John McCain can pick a conservative veep without doing any damage. The best picks in this category are, not surprisingly, names not being touted by the media. They include Sen. John Thune and former Rep. J.C. Watts. Both would do no harm to the McCain campaign’s broad appeal and would even help the ticket. Watts would be a momentum builder and Thune would do well in the Midwest as well as bring some momentum, having not long ago received national attention for his successful campaign against former Senate leader Daschle.

Rep. Mike Pence, Rep. John Shadegg and Sen. Tom Coburn are also good choices. They would bring to the campaign a reformist message that should be highlighted. The broad media will try to paint this message and they themselves as “extremists,” but as people are clamoring for smaller more effective government, the McCain campaign can easily overcome this message and they can end up being huge assets to the ticket.

Another consideration worthy of mention is Hawaii’s Governor Linda Lingle. She’s another Republican the media won’t mention. Born in Missouri and elected (and reelected) in a very Democratic state, she’s an intriguing choice for a national ticket. The drawback is that she’s largely unknown. Both Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman also bolster the McCain ticket on economic issues and both would gain wide acceptance.

In This Election, The Most High Reward Choices Are the Best Ones, Provided…..

Additionally, two of the names that are being touted by the media would be excellent choices, provided they agree to one condition, a condition that is key. Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge offer McCain a unique chance to broaden his electoral support. But he must pay heed to his most active and supportive base as well. Is there a way to accomplish both? One would say yes, and for good reason.

Either of these two candidates can and should make a pledge that if they were to assume office under any circumstance, despite whatever personal views to the contrary, they would uphold John McCain’s policies. They must also pledge to appoint strict constructionist judges, ones he would appoint, out of respect to him, to the electorate that voted for these policies in voting for him, and to the dedicated party workers who worked tirelessly on the campaign.

Appointing either Ridge or Lieberman also bodes well for the GOP base. Were McCain to appoint a vice president who was only acceptable to economic or to social conservatives, yet held a chance at being the party’s nominee in the future, the backlash from the other side of the party would be intense and rightly so. (Incidentally, Mike Huckabee would have less of a problem in this regard, as his economic record, when examined fairly, is that of a conservative, as can easily be pointed out. But even though his economic conservatism mixed with pragmatism and social stances are popular with a broad spectrum of the electorate, he is not the type of national conciliation candidate that Ridge and Lieberman are. He’ll make a great candidate in the future, after reaching out to and working with all parts of the party. But being nominated now to the veep slot wouldn’t help him or broaden our appeal in this cycle). Neither Ridge nor Lieberman have such aspirations.

Selecting a vice president who would resonate with the broader public seems to be crucial this year. And all who want to do whatever they can to stop the far left Obama ticket should realize this, so long as they don’t need to compromise their principles in doing so. A firm pledge as outlined above allows for this to happen.

In the eyes of the public, the most deplorable elements of this election are the media saturation that led to voter fatigue and the partisan bickering that led to the disdain of same. To counter voter fatigue we need to take a bold step in countering their other pet peeve, partisan bickering. Selecting Lieberman or Ridge would do that. In fact, selecting one of them may be McCain’s only way of doing so.

I’d encourage them to agree to the above imperative condition. Doing so is in the nation’s interest and strengthens the McCain ticket as few other choices can. And should they do so, they would be John McCain’s best choices for vice president.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Unique Republican Doctor's Mission to Heal America is Also Just What's Needed to Heal the GOP

A key reason for the mass disillusionment with politics today is the fundamental lack of leadership on the part of most candidates. Many who seek high office have shown complete ignorance on a wide range of important issues. In the height of campaigns, when candidates would seemingly be most interested in trying to address the pressing matters facing society, true concerns are brushed aside to make way for party politics and media mudslinging. Such a mindset not only fails to benefit society, it’s also the definition of bad politics.

Fortunately, there are a few select candidates who realize all of the above. They are not natural politicians, but people from all walks of life who have a grounded understanding of the issues and propose well thought out and common sense solutions. One of them is significantly worthy of mention. He’s Dr. Marion Thorpe Jr., former Chief Medical Officer of the State of Florida.

Dr. Thorpe is a community leader and finds himself in a rare seat that the GOP can realistically pick up (The district, while heavily Democratic and currently being served by Democratic Representative Alcee Hastings for 16 years , has a very low voter turn out. Recent migration of large numbers of Republican seniors to the district also bodes well). More importantly, Thorpe is one candidate who can greatly enhance the Republican image.

As both political parties struggle to win over large constituencies by rallying people with hot button issues, the concerns that should be most pressing to Americans fall by the wayside. There is no room to mention them, let alone to tackle them in a sensible manner. These issues don’t rally crowds and supporters. Dealing with them would just be a sign of contemplative leadership that’s in tune with the needs of Americans. And without such an effort, congressional approval ratings will continue to hover around 10%.

The good news is that some select candidates (mostly stemming from South Florida) recognize the need to refocus. And now one such candidate has put words to action and launched a website dedicated to healing America, While most campaigns suffice on offering empty platitudes, Dr. Thorpe is well versed on all issues. He’s also one of very few candidates who has taken the time to meet with business as well as non-profit leaders to get first hand advice while forming his detailed and down to earth platform.

In short, Dr. Thorpe is the perfect candidate for the GOP for the following reasons:

- His platform is focused on the needs of the middle class. He articulates clear policy initiatives that would openly define the GOP as the party of middle class voters. His platform is a testament to the fact that the GOP is best poised to handle middle class concerns in a more sensible and effectual manner.

- No one is better poised than the former Chief Medical Officer of a state to highlight the danger of socialized and government run healthcare, a system that has failed in every country where it’s been implemented, at the greatest expense to those least well off.

- As an African-American conservative leader, he understands the issues facing minorities and has been extremely successful at reaching out to them on behalf of the party. Addressing traditionally Democratic African-American churches, he has made whole audiences more receptive to the GOP, as his message is one that resonates. His campaign is a mission to instill values in all youth and to this end he has put together an education and community-based platform to make this happen.

- He’s intelligent, articulate and highly competent.

- He’s sincere.

- He’s an effective voice for the GOP.

While I won’t get into Dr. Thorpe’s entire policy paper in the space of one column, some highlights should be pointed out. Dr. Thorpe’s campaign platform includes:

- Promotion of a high school course in financial responsibility that covers everything from how to balance a checkbook to the difference between safe and risky investments. Also included is a section on whether to buy, finance or lease a car. The course model is designed to drive home to students the real benefits that accumulating savings, staying in school and avoiding crime can mean in their lives, in ways they can understand, relate to and remember.

- Promotion of a middle school course that teaches personal responsibility, the end result of stable vs unstable personal and professional relationships, how to stand up to peer pressure and the lifelong benefits of standing up for what’s right.

- Health care that is made affordable without going to a government run system. Sole government management would eliminate competition, and thereby eliminate quality. Such a system also stands to be grossly mismanaged. An expansion of resources and methods that make health care accessible to all will remove the burden from the middle class.

- Development of programs that promote prevention should be advanced as they are of better service to the public, being more humane and having the added benefit of saving the government far more money in the long run.

- Cut wasteful spending so that we can concentrate on areas of true benefit to society.

The Democrats realize that the battle for the middle class is crucial. Republicans generally offer better solutions, while Democrats offer prepackaged ones that sound good on the surface but are often disastrous in the long run. In order for people to realize this, the conservative solution needs to be presented in an articulate and effective manner by a sincere and knowledgeable messenger.

We have such a candidate. Take a look at I’d also urge readers to get involved in this campaign. His success will be of great benefit to the GOP.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Candidate of Notice - Dr, Marion Thorpe and the Heal America With Thorpe Intiative

FL – 23 – Dr. Marion D. Thorpe (former Chief Medical Officer of State of FL and leader in health care and education) –

All who care for the growth of the Republican Party and the spread of conservative values by regaining ground with the critical middle class should support this campaign.

New Website Up for Let's Get This Right

Let's Get This Right is a group of bloggers for McCain who work to elect good Republican candidates and help facilitate interaction between McCain campaign volunteers and volunteers for local congressional races.

A new website is up and I'd urge readers to join the fastest and most dedicated group of McCain supporters and organizers anywhere on the net.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

CBSNews Indepth Video of the McCain Campaign

Eric Kuhn of CBSNews alerted me to a very comprehensive piece on the McCain Campaign HQ. It's quite thorough and Katie Couric did a very good job of portraying a large number of key staff and in highlighting some of Rick Davis' most brilliant answers.

Those interested in taking a look at the day to day happening of the campaign and seeing some of the key staff would find it of interest. The video's available HERE and a transcript is available by clicking HERE.