Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Debate With Atheists

As some readers know, a certain atheist who takes great liberties in his writings and quotes and who often delights in attacking conservatives individually, decided it was Yomin's turn and featured a piece that misquoted and took out of context several points made in the column The Root Cause of Why Some Liberals Are Unresponsive to Logic and Debate .

Although the poster refused to enter into a debate with Yomin on the issue, several of his followers did, after seeing the over the top and slanderous tactics for what they are. A vigorous debate on G-d, atheism and evolution ensued. When they could not refute the logical proofs to G-d's existence, they switched the focus to evolution, again coming up short.

Transcripts are available free of charge. Just email insidersreview@gmail.com with "Transcript" in the title.

UPDATE: A copy of the entire transcript is now being featured at http://creationistsearcher.wordpress.com/2008/06/11/yomin-postelnik-debates-with-atheists/ .

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