Sunday, February 03, 2008

McCain is the Consistent Conservative With a Shot

If we want a consistent conservative, it makes a lot more sense to elect someone with an 82.3% conservative rating over 25 years than to go for a candidate who governed as one of the most liberal in the nation, right up until he left office 12 months ago.

There are numerous articles and columns that document Romney's liberalism (and if you don't think that would affect the way he'd govern, as he's "changed so much in the past 12 months," then look at the liberal bailout he proposed in Michigan just a few weeks about) but the end and short of it all is this: Certain conservative pundits need to put aside their visceral opposition to John McCain, which was hyped and over exaggerated to begin with, and support the candidate with a consistent conservative record on most issues as opposed to throwing their support to a candidate who will clear do and say anything to win and who will change dramactically if elected (and maybe even before, if he'd feel it to his advantage to do so in a general election campaign).


TexasGal said...

If you are wondering why Huckabee can't get news coverage in spite of doing so well in every debate, read on...

Romney Media Control

Fox News is responsible for information programming on more than 100 Clear Channel news and talk stations.
Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capital Partners and Thomas Lee Partners plus other minors.
Clear Channel has Sean Hannity under contract until 2010. Clear Channel also has Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck under contract.
Bain Capital was started by Romney in 1984. He sold his majority stake in Bain to run for Governor in 2001.
Commonwealth PAC was set up by Romney Advisers. A Boston Globe analysis found that executives from a handful of Massachusetts-based corporations, including Bain Capital, Fidelity Investments, etc, form the base of the Romney operation.

Mitt Romney=>Bain Capital=>Clear Channel=>Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, FOX News,2933,298999,00.html

Yomin Postelnik said...

Thanks Texas, It seems that only two candidates have a shot at the nomination at this point. Huckabee has a great shot at VP with McCain and he'll eventually be a great nominee. McCain happens to be a very good nominee this time round and is a reliable social conservative.