Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Social Conservatives Should Support John McCain

As is usually the case in politics, in recent weeks we’ve seen a lot of unfair
bashing of John McCain as well as gross distortion of his record. Of
the two or three candidates with a shot winning the nomination, only
John McCain has been a consistent conservative, dating back to before President

The issues on which he differs with the party are never moral in nature and even then, he's never supported a tax increase and was only opposed to the last two major tax cuts because they contained no curbs on spending.

Romney sounds conservative now, but has a history of switching
positions whichever way the wind blows. Promoting moral values can't be trusted to someone who will take whatever position is popular. Just look at Romney's
supposed championing of conservative economics before switching last
week to propose a liberal bailout in Michigan (that, by the way,
wouldn't work). Simply put, someone who claims to have
held "heartfelt" positions on both sides of the abortion debate,
economic growth and every other major issue is not someone we want to
trust with the issues that matter most to us. Who would?

Giuliani supports positions that are contrary to morally conservative
values and has vastly less experience and less stature
to affect any policies than does John McCain. McCain has a history of standing by his
positions even if they become unpopular. Rudy's career as US
Attorney for the Southern Dist. of New York was extremely self
serving and a black mark on his career that questions whether he
would take many positions if they didn't seem to his advantage to do so.
McCain's record of consistency is far more reassuring and his
personal character makes him more worthy of support.

And McCain is a conservative. He's the only candidate left in the
race with an 82.3% lifetime conservative rating. Compare that to
Fred Thompson (who was called the "clear conservative candidate")'s
lifetime rating of 86%. On social issues McCain is actually more
conservative than Thompson, far more so than Giuliani and more
consistent and trustworthy than Romney.

He's also the only candidate who polls ahead of both Clinton and
Obama in poll after poll after poll, making him the best option for
keeping the White House in Republican hands. For all of these
reasons and more I'd encourage you to support John McCain for the
nomination and to urge your friends, family and acquaintances to do

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Anonymous said...

Thank You for that excellent anaylsis!!! McCain is far more a reliable conservative than the others and he is worthy of the conservative vote. If conservatives rally behind him that could cause him to reconsider his postion on the two small insignificant issues that cause conserivatives to think he's the anti-christ.