Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Next Mike Wallace will ask Ahmadinejad to marry him in Massachusetts

For years 60 Minutes has been second only to Nightline (pre Terry Moran, who's a significant improvement) in deceptive, one sided current events programming. Their presentation of events is usually appalling to anyone who researches both sides of any issue they cover, but this seems to be a new low even for them.

Surprising? Not really. Just take a look at some of the fine fellows who've made Time Magazine's list of Man of the Year over the past 70 years.

Three cheers to 60 Minutes. In the course of one year they've managed to hype Jim Cramer as a stock guru even though more than half his picks are wrong, repeatedly air feature stories on Iraq that distort both the mission and public sentiment and now they bring us this. Certainly, we must try to understand the kindhearted soul of poor, misunderstood Mahmoud. Too bad they didn't get a shot of him and Mike Wallace holding hands and breaking out in song.

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