Sunday, June 25, 2006

Democrats and Gas Prices - Where the Blame Really Lies

Sen. Barack Obama, one of the more decent Democrat senators (who's shown increasing signs of being infected by his comrades and by the Senate in general), has just come out with a letter to Dem. diehards blaming Republicans for high gas prices. Talk about spinning the truth! In it Obama conveniently fails to point out that while oil companies now make 8 cents a gallon as opposed to 5, the government now gets 18 cents as opposed to the 8 it got 18 months ago. The Democrat solution, proposed not by him but by Bob Menendez, would reduce taxes on the consumer for 60 days a year but would also impose taxes on the oil companies who would then pass it on to the consumer.

Obama also spoke at Kerry's convention. Kerry at one time sponsored a bill to impose a 50 cent a gallon tax on gas.

Senator Dems (and unfortunately some moderate Republicans) have been blocking drilling in ANWR since 2001. North America is the only oil producing continent that has seen its level of production drop since 2002. All others, Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America, have all seen huge gains. Why? Because Dem Senators like Kerry, Obama and Hillary helped block the energy policy favored by the President, one designed to relieve us of Arab and Hugo Chavez oil. They instead chose to pander to crazed environmentalists who claimed that drilling would hurt the caribou (the proposed drilling area is one small fraction of ANWR and that part is complete wasteland). These people care little for the truth and their efforts to blame those who proposed a solution which they proceeded to block is appalling.

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