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Want to Thank a Few Friends for This Site - www.YominPostelnik.info

I haven't and won't comment much on personal matters, especially since others are involved and everyone's been hurt a bit too much.  What I will say is that all decisions, at all times, were made with the consultation of leading rabbonim, counselors and other professionals.  Rabbi Mendel Senderovic, who tried from the beginning to bring peace to the situation, has given testimony that shows that Efrem Goldberg's disgraceful campaign, including collaborating with the likes of the "FailedMessiah" was not rooted in anything other than his own self-glorification at the expense of a woman's wellbeing and that of small children.

Friends have compiled some key letters and testimonials from leading rabbis and from people with first hand knowledge of events and have helped set up a site - www.yominpostelnik.info.  I thank them sincerely for this task.

Lastly a message to Martin Wagner - I don't take lessons in morality from comic book thieves and internet bullies. After you went on your nonsense campaign 6 years ago, messing with Google Ranks because you disagreed with an article, I confronted you about your defrauding comic book dealers (charging them in advance for Hepcats books that you never wrote) and you freely admitted to it.   I don't even know what "retracking" Richard Dawkin's site is.  What I do know is that publicizing mud and provable lies in someone's divorce is beyond disgraceful and your attacks never cease to amaze me in terms of how low you go.  Suffice it to say that if you disagree with me on an important family or moral decision, I consider your slander to be the highest form of compliments.  You might want to do your research on some of the so-called (Modern-Orthodox) rabbis who you quote though.  Recent posts by Yerachmiel Lopin are a good start.    

For anyone with questions, please review the website.  I will post one letter on this blog and thank all friends involved for their efforts.

Intro Letter:

A while ago I received a call from Yomin Postelnik.  I hadn't spoken with him in at least a year but I remember his kind advice and his genuine caring.  What he told me had happened in the interim shocked me and made me sick.  After talking more I decided that the least I could do would be to write my thoughts and start this site.

It's one thing to reconsider whether to save a marriage.  It's another thing for those pushing for a religious divorce to use false pretenses to have someone arrested, smear them and attempt to beat them up.  Yomin Postelnik consulted a list of experts that he was happy to provide me with.  They include a professor at Boruch College, Dr. Mordechai Rindenow, a postnatal organization called SPARKS and several rabbinical judges.  He wasn't just doing what was clearly right, to try to save a marriage.  He was also following the advice of experts the whole time.

None of that is of any concern to the activists who were so quick to trash him.  But it should be of concern to us.  So here's what I know:

Yomin is a loving father.  He's also a passionate defender of the values that he believes in, and this is how I knew him best.  But there's something more to him, and that's the personal interest that he takes in his friends.  He's someone who you want in your corner, he's someone who you can feel cares about you and while he's quick with advice, it's good advice and very insightful.  In short, he's a good and decent man who I consider lucky to have as a friend.

I don't know his ex-wife.  I spoke with her once, briefly, and my quick opinion of her was that she's a good person too.  Yomin confirmed to me that a lot of the attacks against him had nothing to do with her and were started by a radical organization that, to paraphrase his words, "is attacking his religion and all of family life at its core."

He shared a story that his wife wanted a divorce.  He was devastated, but simply asked for counseling sessions before any decision could be made.  He also asked for a postpartum evaluation, because there was a marked change in his ex-wife's, behavior, after the birth of their children.  He explained that many women go through difficult times after birth and lose hope or feel like they're up against the world.

He said that many rabbis helped him out, but a group of "modern rabbis" who professionally engage in mudslinging in order to procure religious divorces, were brought into the picture.

The wife also had consulted custody advocates.  This made matters even more ridiculous.  A ridiculous criminal charge was attempted, one that was thrown out of court before it could ever be heard before a judge, mostly because they same people who cooked them up had said things diametrically opposite mere hours before to the custody evaluator.  It was this sordid attempt at a charge, that the get advocates used in their smear campaign.,

Although the separated couple mutually agreed to discuss their differences at a rabbinical tribunal, who decided that Yomin's request was reasonable, another leftist tribunal called "Beth Din of America" involved themselves and launched into a defamation campaign (including extorting Yomin with the above referenced false charge).  Fortunately Yomin called their bluff and  refused to back down. Eventually a proper rabbi excommunicated the rabbi who found Yomin in "contempt" as a result of his insistence on counseling and a postpartum eval before making a decision on divorce.

I have nothing against Yomin's ex.  Like Yomin, she became an adoptive parent and she probably did half of what she did in an attempt to fight for custody.  If anything I know about divorce lawyers, feminist social workers and the like is true, they not only want to break up families at any cost, but also revel in trying to destroy the husband.

Yomin deserves far better than what people who've never met him or his ex-wife have done to him.  His ex-wife also deserved an opportunity to save her marriage without agenda-driven third parties wreaking havoc on an already stressful situation.  Their kids deserved better.  They deserved for people who don't know either party, to stay out of the mix.

Yomin forwarded me letters from rabbis condemning the actions of the self-styled "Beth Din of America," which has been described as an activist group that masquerades as a rabbinical court, and a list of professionals who recommended trying to save the marriage and ignoring the modern ones.  Some of the stuff is in Hebrew and I may post it together with his translations.  In the meantime I just set up this site to clear the air and to let others know the truth.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Excommunication of Insane "Rabbi" Herschel Schachter

The following was translated by Mishpat Tsedek.

It is a letter of excommunication against an insane rabbi by the name of Herschel Schachter who has called for assassinations, Heaven forbid, of many, including Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert and Binyamin Netanyahu. Schechter has disgraced Judaism, has interfered in marriages, in stark contradiction to Jewish Law, which values marriage above all else, and needs to be stopped.

FREE TRANSLATION Rabbinical Court Shar Hamishpot Monsey, Ny(845)425-9708 “


We have already in the past condemned the great miscarriage of justice perpetrated by Rabbi Avrohom Union (LA), Rabbi Nochum Sauer (LA) against Mr Meir Kin in regards to a past seiruv that was corruptively issued against him, despite his willingness to all along arbitrate his divorce matters in a Bais Din and has even deposited a kosher Get at a Bais Din in 2008. Despite the fact that Mrs Lonna Kin refuses to pick up the GET, they falsely state that Meir Kin is “chaining his wife” by not giving her a Get. Their past seiruv was issued against Halocho as per the Poskim. (See Bais Din transcript# 1025). They now decided to add more wickedness to their past wickedness by issuing a new false seiruv on the 11th of Tamuz 5770.

Only this time they combined their signatures with Rabbi Herschel Schachter (YU)from Ny who is known for his unethical halachic procedures and is likened to a “Harem Keeper”. Herschel Schachter does not conform his rulings in strict accordance to Torah principles, but rather panders to the “feminist causes” as he pleases. Herschel Schachter practices injustice in Halacha , by allowing a woman to do whatever Torah violations she so pleases in matters of divorce without any consequesnces, but at the same token will attack the man while standing up to his Halachic rights. Herschel Schachter's “reformed principles” has allowed the woman:
A) to seek out their husbands in the Civil Courts against Halocho;
B)Commit Mesira against Halocho and
C) Allow her to steal the husband's monies using the Non-Torah approach of the Civil Courts. When these approaches are used to steal a man's Halachic rights as well as coerce him against Halocho to issue a GET, invariably the woman remains an “Eishes Ish”(married woman).Such a Get that was extracted thru these forceful and anti -Torah means, will invalidate the Get, and any children born as a result of such a Get are rendered “Mamzeirim” (illegitimate Bastards). It has been quoted by the famous “Steipler Gaon” that if one sees a Rabbi always ruling in favor of women, one needs to suspect of “suspicious sexual behavior by that Rabbi.”

We therefore publicly proclaim against Herschel Schachter(NY), Avrohom Union (LA), Nochum Sauer(LA) that they are slanderes of the worst order and therefore have lost their share in the next world by Torah Principles guiding the Halochot of “Motzi Shem Ra Berabim”. (SEE hebrew version for all Halachic citations).

We also announce that Mr Meir Kin from California is innocent of all their false accusations and is completely Halachacally compliant in regards to matters of his Jewish Divorce . Any seiruv against him is null and void and should be regarded as mere chards of pottery. We ask for anyone who can influence the above wicked rabbis to repent and to stop causing Mamzeirim to be born as well as stop supporting people who arbitrate in the civil courts.

In conclusion, the Gemara Shabbos 139a ,states that tragedies befall us because of corrupted rabbis amongst us.

Signed: Avrohom Shmuel Yehuda Gestetner (chief judge )

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Most Needed Voice: Allen West

At a recent debate, Allen West sparred with Ron Klein over terror and national security. Klein's comments were dangerously ignorant.

West stressed the need to be on the lookout for problems in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. He recognizes that we cannot rely on forced alliances to protect American security. By contrast, Congressman Klein showed his ignorance and his adherence to conventional wisdom as a substitute for terror policy, callously stating that "Iran is the enemy" and that we must bolster the Afghani, Pakistani and other armies. To be sure, the Iranian regime is a huge enemy of the West and even of Saudi Arabia, but focusing on them alone is wrong and dangerous.

In truth, Iran has the largest number of pro-Western citizens of any country in the Middle East, outside of Israel. There is hope for regime change, as long as we can stop radicals like Mousavi from hijacking those reform movements. And of course we need to deal with the current threat and the current regime. But that doesn't mean that we should turn a blind eye on the Taliban and al-Qaeda, as Ron Klein wants us to.

To eradicate terror, we need to show common sense and firm resolve on the international front, as well as introduce domestic policy to end terror recruitment in prisons by sentencing non-violent offenders to work details or military service instead of long prison sentences where large numbers are recruited every year.

There is no simple solution and only a multi-pronged change to domestic policy, coupled with foreign vigilance, will see the terror threat erased. But Ron Klein's position is shockingly ignorant and dangerous to America's security. By contrast, Allen West's is a tremendous step in the right direction.

Congressman Ron Klein has failed to do anything in his four years in Congress and is dangerously naïve on the international front. Colonel Allen West understands global politics and what is needed internationally. It's time to give him an opportunity to lend his voice to solving our most glaring global problem.

On Nov. 2, vote Allen West. The future of America relies on common sense solutions.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Alex Sink: Allen West 2010, Ron Klein 2012?

This term will see redistricting, a once in a decade process by which all congressional, state level and regional seats are redrawn. We need to work hard to elect a Republican governor, unless we want to cede as many as 6 congressional seats to the Dems.

As of this email, we may be well on track to seeing Allen West elected to Congress in South Florida. Alan Grayson appears to be going down to defeat.

But elect Alex Sink as governor and Alan Grayson, Ron Klein, Suzanne Kosmas and Alan Boyd may well be back in two years, not to mention the future of the two new seats being gained by Florida in the process.

The Governor has veto power over any redistricting plan. A Republican governor helps ensure that these seats stay Republican. A Democrat governor would demand compromise from the Florida House and it’s doubtful that Tallahassee leadership would hold the line in great enough numbers and have the media savvy to win that battle.

That’s why electing Rick Scott is absolutely crucial to the Republican effort and why his race is the most important one in this election cycle.

Best regards,

Yomin Postelnik
A Better Florida PAC

A Better Florida PAC Voter Guide
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U.S. House of District #22
Allen West

U.S. House of District #19
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U.S. House of District #20
Karen Harrington

U.S. House of District #23
Bernard Sansaricq

U.S. House of District #17
Roderick Vereen
Florida Governor
Rick Scott

State Attorney General
Pam Bondi

State Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Atwater

Commissioner of Agriculture
Adam Putnam
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State Senate District #25
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State Senate District #27
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State House District #98
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State House District #90
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State House District #100
Ed Bender

Broward County Commission
District #4

Chip LaMarca
District #8

Christopher Max Ziadie

Justice of The Supreme Court
Should Be Retained In Office?

Charles Canady – Yes

Jorge Labarga – No – Undemocraticly voted to remove the “Florida Health Care Freedom Act” from the ballot.

James Perry – No - Undemocraticly voted to remove the “Florida Health Care Freedom Act” from the ballot.

Ricky Polston – Yes
Broward County Court Judge Group # 1

John Howes
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Mardi Anne Levey Cohen

Broward County School Board
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Travis Williamson

Constitutional Amendments

No. 1 – Review and decide
No. 2 – Yes
No. 4 – No
No. 5 – No
No. 6 – No
No. 8 – No - Amendment 8 would only make a bad situation worse. While lack of a qualified hiring campaign, the Teachers’ Unions and an inflexible curriculum are primary causes of stagnation in Florida public schools, raising the class size without improving the curriculum by bringing creativity to the classroom or hiring more qualified teachers would only make a bad situation worse. Every dollar spent PROPERLY on education betters the future of the state and is even fiscally prudent, by leading to savings on criminal justice and juvenile delinquency programs. Increasing the class size without fixing the educational structure is just plain wrong.

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No. 2 – No
No. 3 – No
No. 4 – No
No. 5 – Review and decide


I see that Google Ads put an Obama ad on my blog, probably because of the amount of times the word "Obama" comes up.

Well, if you want to cost the Dems 3 cents or so, you can click on it.

But are the Obama Dems even worth 3 cents or your time?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

O’Donnell Was Factually Right, Coons and Widener Law Students Were Shockingly Foolish

The First Amendment establishes that Congress shall declare no official nationwide religion. The First Amendment does not ban the mention of religion in public. In fact, it protects same. While far left radicals like Chris Coons may wish to knowingly distort or ignore this fact of American history, it is as shocking as it is sad that the entire student body of a supposedly “prestigious” law school seemed to be equally ignorant and/or oblivious to our founding principles.

Yes, I know that in saying so I’ve just bucked conventional wisdom, which dictates that self proclaimed Marxist aficionados such as Chris Coons, wise men like Al Franken, erudite speakers like Barney Frank and great thinkers of our times like Howard Dean are the epitome of normal, while hard working Americans and Reagan Democrats, now referred to as “Tea Party Activists,” are the “extreme.” Too bad.

The real radical in the O’Donnell-Coons race is Chris Coons
The real radical in the O’Donnell-Coons race is Chris Coons, which is patently obvious to anyone who’s reviewed his positions or life experience. Pinning that term on O’Donnell, in this race, is like saying that Queen Elizabeth should learn decorum from a more famous O’Donnell of a more Rosie nature. As much should be clear to all Delaware Republicans, Castlonians and Christinians alike.

The false picture portrayed by the media of the O’Donnell-Coons race in general, and of their latest exchange in particular, represents a new low even for Network News. While O’Donnell was able to enumerate the five freedoms actually guaranteed by the First Amendment, Coons was not. Too bad that factoid didn’t make its way to the “fair and balanced” Democratic media.

As to the issue at hand, the First Amendment guarantees freedom of all religions on the federal level, the ability to express thoughts in public and other similar rights. Coons’ use of the amendment as a pretext to ban speech, thought or open discussion in public classrooms is to attribute to the First Amendment all that it is truly against. In so doing, Coons may as well have continued that line of reasoning and gone on to explain how the Second Amendment demands confiscation of all firearms.

In truth, his distortion of the First Amendment should be as offensive to Americans as calling Karl Marx a capitalist would be to a guy like Coons.

A proper reading of the First Amendment would be even more shocking to Coons and Widener Law School company. The Amendment was actually established to protect statewide religious practices from federal interference. One should read the sources that Thomas E. Woods, Jr. so brilliantly brings together in his Politically Incorrect Guide to American History (among them, historian David Hackett Fischer) for more information on this subject.

And it cannot go without saying that Coons also showed a profound ignorance of science, which in its un-politicized form (in other words, the kind no longer taught in universities), demands logic and shuns dogma; even liberal, conventional dogma. But that’s for a more in-depth discussion on the gaping holes in conventional scientific theory. For now, suffice it to say that the foolish nature of liberal dogma is as far reaching as it is wrong.

The main lesson remains as follows: Congressional Democrats have made Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Tim Geithner in charge of banking during a time of national crisis (Geithner by way of senatorial approval). Less than two short years ago, they sued to make the Grand Statesman of the Century, Mr. Al Franken himself, a full fledged Member of the United States Senate. And they have elevated to the speakership a radical who was commonly referred to as “San Fran Nan” prior to said elevation.

Yet they persist in calling us “radicals?”

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Democrat Congressman Threatens Opponent’s Life, Again

This Sunday, at a retirement home in Belle Glade, Florida, a United States congressman threatened the life of his opponent in front of an entire group of senior citizens. For those familiar with the entitlement mentality that has so sullied the left, the party of the esteemed Congressman can be left without saying. For all others, I’ve included it in the title.

Sunday’s riff was par for the course with Alcee Hastings. During the 2008 cycle (three days or so before the election), Democrat Hastings, a member of Congress since 1993 and the only impeached judge ever to be elected to higher office, brought up his own impeachment in a public forum, all but proclaiming it to be a badge of honor. His opponent at the time, former state Chief Medical Officer Marion Thorpe, being a quintessential gentleman, didn’t engage him head on, but instead reminded the audience that Hastings’ impeachment had precluded him from being an effective voice on issues affecting his district.

Alcee went ballistic. Although it was he, not his opponent, who had brought up his own impeachment, Hastings approached Thorpe after the debate and told him (among other things not fit to print), “you ever bring up that impeachment again and I’ll take you out.” The two then sat down and let the candidates for state attorney take the stage, Alcee’s threats having almost been within earshot. Alcee was soon at it again, finishing off the evening by standing up, waving his finger at Thorpe and hissing “it ain’t over, it ain’t over. I’m coming after you.”


Hastings’ reward for that most comical charade was reelection to a ninth term in Congress. To be sure, he doesn’t have much clout and Pelosi et al made him “Chairman of the Helsinki Commission,” to make sure that he spends most of his time amusing the good folks of Europe, doing his best to “bolster” our national image.

(Details of the above incident are available online at The entire incident is available at http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/172989/opponent-accuses-rep-alcee-hastings-threatening-his-life/mark-hemingway. Of note, I was in the room when it happened, albeit not close enough to hear Alcee’s gracious and poetic threats.)

That episode was mild and pales in comparison to what happened this weekend at Quiet Waters Retirement Home, a Belle Glade, Fla. nursing home that will be quiet no more.

Alcee Hastings arrived with Kendrick Meek and the media. Kendrick gave a good speech and left, the media following suit.

Alcee’s Republican opponent - diplomat, community leader and renown human rights activist Bernard Sansaricq - was at the home, meeting with residents. Sansaricq notes that this was after a full day of campaigning and listening to the concerns of constituents in Belle Glade, the poorest area in the state and one with an unemployment rate of 42%. Surprisingly, while Sansaricq has visited the area 20 times, Hastings had been a no show until that afternoon.

With the media gone, Alcee gave his speech. Winding down, he turned to his opponent and announced that the Tea Party had invited him to a debate, rebutting “I have nothing in common with the TEA parties, so I refused.” At that point, he called out to Bernard to stand next to him and demanded that “Bernard debate (him) right here and now.” That move would prove foolish, even by Alcee standards.

Alcee, now both the candidate and self-appointed moderator of the debate, continued on about how much he loved Belle Glade, where he grew up (but hasn’t been seen since). His concluding remarks were that he “was an impeached federal judge.” He added that he’s “now under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, but none of that matters because I represent the people.”

The esteemed Congressman continued:

“Bernard Sansaricq posted accusations on his site that I pay my girlfriend, who is also my staffer, $160,000 a year. And I have one word for him. You, Bernard should go find out what I did to my last opponent. I sued his -expletive deleted- off.”

First point of contention:

It wasn’t Bernard Sansaricq who broke that story. It was national news sources, including the ultra-liberal Sun-Sentinel (see http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2010-03-06/news/fl-congress-spending-20100304_1_budgets-staff-salaries-office-expenses).

Second point of contention:

Hastings’ expletive laced rant took place in a nursing home, right in front of elderly residents!

Third point of contention:

Hastings never sued (or attempted to sue) the honorable Dr. Marion Thorpe, Jr., former Chief Medical Officer of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. He threatened him with physical harm.

Well, we know what you “did to his last opponent.” And just like his impeachment, he may not want to bring it up in public.

You would think that would be enough. But, Alcee being Alcee, there was more to come.

Bernard Sansaricq is a serious man who cares about the plight of people in Alcee Hastings’ district. Hastings would have been well advised to leave him well enough alone. But he didn’t and now it was Bernard’s turn to fire back:

Turning to the audience, the statesman responded:

“I have visited Belle Glade 20 times since the beginning of the campaign and I intend on being YOUR Congressman. And I won’t tell you that you need to hire a lobbyist when you need something from me. That’s because your congressman is elected to be your lobbyist!

Belle Glade has a 42% unemployment rate. You can be sure that when elected, I won’t hire some girlfriend and pay her $160,000 of the people’s money when those funds can be used to hire eight people in Belle Glade. I also won’t take trips to Europe with that girlfriend on the taxpayer dime. I will remain here and have a presence in the district, fighting for you.”

Alcee’s response, in full earshot of all of the assembled elderly residents of the no longer Quiet Waters, “You’d better travel safe! You’d better travel safe! You’d better travel safe!” For those who don’t understand thug-ese, that’s a desperate threat (albeit an empty one) on Bernard Sansaricq’s life.

When asked about what had transpired, Sansaricq stated, “that was obviously not the speech I had in mind to give. But since he laid it all out on the table, there was really no choice but to oblige.”

Alcee Hastings was right about one thing. He has nothing in common with the TEA parties, or any other citizens’ movement for that matter.

The most riled up members of our grassroots movements are motivated by a desire to help America realize its potential. They respect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Alcee Hastings threatens his opponents and he chases the pursuit of girlfriend staffers.

What’s also true is that Alcee Hastings needs psychiatric help. As far as being a decision maker or community leader goes, suffice it to say that I’ve met wild armadillos more intelligent than he is. With 42% unemployment in parts of his district, Florida’s most impoverished one, it’s a shame that they don’t have better representation.

Alcee Hastings is the embodiment of a disgrace. Compared to Sansaricq, whose amazing bio cannot be given justice in this article (though readers are encouraged to visit www.sansaricq4congress.org to see for themselves), Hastings appears to be nothing more than a shadow of a man. And the Democratic Party, even with their pervasive entitlement mentality, should be ashamed to have him as their nominee.